DCI-SL envisions a Sierra Leone where children have a voice and are protected in both law and practice.

DCI-SL seeks to advance the protection of the rights and welfare of children in Sierra Leone by
disseminating information on child rights, strengthening child protection systems at national and community levels, providing legal counsel and social support to children in conflict with the law and child victims of abuse and neglect in order to facilitate their access to justice, rehabilitation services and family reintegration.

· We are committed and focused exclusively on child rights;
· We are radical in our campaigns;

· We are transparent;

· We are uncompromising on issues of child Abuse

Guiding Principles:

· Use of best practice at all times;

· Seek for child Empowerment;

· Push Policy into action-­ access to justice;

· Be child friendly and ensure the best interest of the child at all times;
· Network and collaborate with others;

· Adhere to ethical code of conduct (child protection, conflict of interest);
· Contribute to National Agenda

Operational Districts:

DCI has its headquarters in the Freetown with district offices in Bo, Kenema, Makeni, Kono and Moyamba

Key Programme Areas:

DCI – SL embarks on a series of activities in line with the new holistic approach to child protection in our operation communities. The activities are guided by the following objectives:

1. Strengthening the community child protection system;

2. Promoting civil rights of children to participation and birth registration;

3. Civil Society mobilization to influencing government policies and actions towards child justice;

4. Specialized programmes for girls and young women’s protection and empowerment;

5. Construction of Family Support Buildings for the Sierra Leone Police across the country;
6. Enhancing protection and access to justice for children in conflict with the law.

Current Funders:

DCI - SL is currently funded by the following donors: UNICEF, DCI/ECPAT,
PLAN Sierra Leone, Access to Security & Justice Programme (ASJP), Fund for Global Human Rights, DCI Netherlands, ICCO Kerkinactie  Global Ministries

Legal Status:

DCI is registered with the Office of the  Administrator & Registrar General as a 
Company &Limited by Guarantee  & with the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender & Children’s   Affairs as Child Rights Advocacy Organization DCI is also registered with other government line ministries in Sierra Leone.    










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